I’d normally call it an engagement session, but we did it the day after the wedding, so let’s call it a honeymoon photoshoot in Disneyland Paris. Milana and Kenneth got married in the city of love Paris. When you are in Paris – you have no choice, but go explore Disneyland! No matter how old you are!

Beautiful couple is kissing each other in front of Disneyland Castle - couple Honeymoon photoshoot in Disneyland Paris
A sweet couple is walking towards entrance of Disneyland in Paris - honeymoon couple photo session day after wedding

Fairytale photo session in Disneyland Paris

Some people believe that Disneyland is a bit overestimated and doubtful joy. Mostly because it’s so crowded all the time. There are long queues everywhere, and if you want to take a simple carousel, be prepared to wait for at least 20 minutes (on a good day)…

A beautiful couple is enjoying their time in Disneyland in Paris - couple honeymoon photoshoot the day after wedding
The day after wedding photo session in Disneyland Paris - honeymoon in France

Magic feeling in the magic kingdom

However, when you enter the Magic Kingdom, you get immediately this magic feeling. You just want to wander around and admire its beautiful streets and buildings, and just enjoy your time.

It doesn’t matter whether you can ride the carousels or not (unless you’ve got kids with you). It just feels good to dive into your childhood where Disney characters were a big deal… Milana and Kenneth stayed there for many hours, even after I finished photographing them. So they definitely were having a good time.

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Sweet couple cuddling in front of the Disneyland castle in Paris, France. Honeymoon couple photo session
Disneyland Paris is always crowded with people
Pink castle in Disneyland Paris - crowded street in March
Happy husband and wife are having fun in Disneyland Paris - honeymoon photoshoot
Eventyrlig fotografering i den magiske Disneyland Paris
Det er gøy å være litt barnslig når man er i Disneyland Paris - kjærestefotografering
Amazing magical backdrops for fairytale honeymoon photoshoot in Disneyland Paris
Newly married couple kissing - honeymoon photoshoot in disneyland Paris
Love story and engagment photo session in Disneyland Paris France
Amazing pink castle in Disneyland Paris
Disney princess show in Disneyland Paris
Disney princesses are waving to the public - disneyland paris