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A little bit about Tanja Skoglund – the photographer behind TS Foto Design

I’ve been following my heart my entire life. I got out of relationships that didn’t work, I left jobs that didn’t feel right. And I have never regret a thing, because every single step led me to where I am now, and my whole journey was amazing.

I am a Russian girl who moved to Norway at age 22 and lived here ever since.

I remember the day I realized that I wanted to be a photographer. I was 17 years old, I carried my camera everywhere, and went to typical events for teens: concerts and sports and so on. I photographed them all, just for fun.  And there was one guy, a photojournalist, who went to the same events, and he photographed them for fun too, I could see he enjoyed what he was doing. But it was his job as well and he got paid for it. That day I thought: what an amazing job it must be! I wish I could do it one day too…

A year after that I got that job, and not just any photojournalist job, but the one this very guy had. It just so happened he moved out of town and his position was available. And I had so much fun working there for a few years!..

However, life took me through a few different educations, jobs & careers before I got here where I truly belong. In 2018 I started my own photography business TS Foto Design and quickly realized that this is where I was always meant to be.

Today I work as a full-time photographer, run a sustainable business and I truly love my job! It inspires me every single day and it gives me a huge boost of energy, so that I can work nearly non-stop.

Every year I travel to different parts of Norway & other amazing destinations in the world. I explore new places & cultures while I do what I love the most: photograph happy couples in epic places, and it makes my heart sing. I’m really passionate about photography and I hope you can see it in my pictures.

Who: Tanja Skoglund
What: Photographer with many years experience
Where: Alta (Norway), but I love to travel

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Hiking girl on a mountaintop in Lofoten islands in Norway - captured by elopement photographer TS Foto Design


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Norway wedding and elopement photographer Tanja Skoglund TS Foto Design
Norway wedding photographer TS Foto Design Tanja Skoglund
Norway elopement photographer photographs a wedding couple on a mountaintop in Lofoten islands
Bryllupsfotograf Alta Tanja Skoglund TS Foto Design
Mother and two daughters are holding hands while walking in the field and enjoying beautiful fall sunset in Alta
Destination wedding photographer TS Foto Design Paris France
Girl snowboarding in Norway
Adventure photographer TS Foto Design explores and photographs epic places in Norway
Elopement photographer TS Foto Design photograps a beautiful couple on a mountaintop in Lofoten Norway
Adventure photographer Tanja Skoglund walks through the river barefoot with a stunning view of Lyngen Alps in Troms Norway

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