Do you feel like getting outdoors and saying your vows among epic scenery is much more exciting than a big traditional wedding? Then adventure elopement can be the right choice for you! And here is my planning guide for your elopement in Norway.

Bride and groom sitting on a mountain top enjoying sunset with amazing view to mountais of Lofoten Norway
Planning guide for adventure elopement in Norway
Planning guide for an adventure elopement in Norway - bride and groom enjoying a stunning view from a mountain top
Beautiful fall elopement in Western Norway - Molde - planning guide for an elopement in Norway
Wedding dress from Kristins brudesalong

Start planning your elopement in Norway

Before you start planning your elopement, make sure you’ve done your research and narrowed down a couple of places. Maybe even an exact location?

Take the time with your fiancé (an evening or five!) and daydream about your elopement together! What kind of scenery do you envision for your perfect elopement ceremony? What kind of activities do you two like to do? Will there be any guests attending or just the two of you?

Winter elopement under Northern lights Aurora borealis Alta Norway - planning guide for your elopement in Norway
Winter elopement under the stars - planning guide for elopement in Norway
Winter elopement in Alta Norway  - planning guide for elopements in Norway
Wedding bouquet: Blomsterpikene Alta

There are lots of places to elope in Norway

So, you two are in love with norwegian landscapes: mountains, fjords, northern lights and midnight sun. But where in Norway should you elope? First of all, decide on what season will be best for you (and you’ll be comfortable with). Winter in Norway can be tough, so if a winter wonderland is your dream, be sure you’re prepared for the cold temperatures.

When you chose the season, try to narrow down which month (and even week) is most convenient for you two. It will sure be much easier to find and book the vendors when you have an approximate (or exact) dates.

Booking an elopement photographer

Start with an elopement photographer. Search for an elopement photographer in Norway (Google or Instagram can help), find the one you love and try to chat with her/him! Don’t try to hire a traditional wedding photographer, they might not have the skills required for elopements.

Many elopement photographers will do a lot of research and planning/guiding for you as well as suggest you a list of stunning locations. While planning a traditional wedding us usually on the bride and groom, an elopement planning is often cooperation between the photographer and couple. Find a skilled photographer for that!

Elopement photographers travel a lot and therefore can guide you towards the perfect elopement locations that will suit you! In addition, some information is hard to get online as it’s only in Norwegian language. Therefore hiring an elopement photographer who knows the country can be a big advantage.

Planning guide for adventure elopement in Norway - Norway elopement photographer captured beautiful couple among winter surroundings in Alta Norway
Bride and groom having fun on their elopement day in Alta Norway

Find an elopement photographer you connect with

But one of the most important things to remember is to find the elopement photographer that you connect with! Photographer might be the only person around you on your elopement day, so you have to make sure you chose the right one for you. As a result, the stunning photos would follow. I promise you!

An experienced elopement photographer would also suggest a custom timeline for your dream elopement where you aim for the best lighting for your ceremony and the photos.

After booking the photographer, dive into the detailed planning. Decide what other vendors you’ll need for your elopement day. Find a videographer if you want a nice film from your elopement day.

Beautiful couple enjoying views of mountains and fjords in Alta Norway - elopement photographer TS Foto Design

Legal or symbolic elopement ceremony in Norway?

It’s totally up to you whether you want to get married legally or have a symbolic ceremony in Norway. Getting legally married in your home country, can save you a whole bunch of time and money. Celebrant-free ceremony will give you more flexibility when it comes to a location, date & time. But everything is possible, and celebrants can hike up mountain hills together with you! Remember that you’d need witnesses if you choose a legal ceremony (you can also use your photographer and videographer for this task).

Destination elopement in Lofoten islands Norway - legally binding wedding outdoor ceremony
Destination elopement in Lofoten islands Norway
Romantic winter elopement in ice hotel Sorrisniva Alta Norway
Florals: Blomsterpikene Alta
Bride and groom reading vows - symbolic wedding ceremony in Norway
Beautiful winter elopement in ice chapel ice hotel Sorrisniva Alta Norway
Wedding venue: ice chapel Sorrisniva in Alta

What vendors would you need?

Your elopement day is just as important and real as a traditional wedding day. Although you don’t spend it in a traditional way, you may want some of the same elements! Here are a few examples that are most common:

  • Rings & the ring box
  • Hair and makeup services
  • Your wedding outfits & jewelry
  • Flowers
  • Vow books
  • Champagne & the glasses
  • Picnic snacks on your location or a celebration in a restaurant
  • Blankets to sit on or cuddle in

Feel free to find the vendors on your own, but I can usually guide you towards good local vendors for the destination you picked in Norway.

Wedding details - photographer TS Foto Design
Vow books for wedding ceremony
Beautiful wedding bouquet Blomsterpikene Alta
Beautiful wedding table arrangement - for intimate wedding in Norway

What is on your timeline?

At that point you’ve probably decided whether you prefer to hike on your elopement day or explore the surroundings by car. Either way, your day will start with preparations. You can do it together in the same room, or you can rent separate rooms in your hotel, Airbnb or cabin.

If your dream elopement includes a long hike, I’d suggest dressing up in regular hiking clothes, then changing to your wedding attire a little bit before your first location. You may also want to refresh your makeup at this point.

But if the hike is simple or you’re just driving around, I recommend you dressing up separately and go for a first look! It is such a nice and emotional start of the day! After that you can explore several locations and you can say your vows among the most epic scenery!

Bride getting ready photos
Fall elopement in Western Norway Håholmen havstuer - photographer TS Foto Design

Safety first

Even though elopements in wilderness are unique and amazing, you should always remember safety rules and pack accordingly! Choose a level of adventure you’re comfortable with and remember to enjoy it from start to the end – safely!

bride and groom showing their elopement shoes
Sunset elopement on a windy day - photographer TS Foto Design

Packing list for summertime adventure elopements

  • This is essential for any trips: lots of water! Sometimes we have access to refill, sometimes not.
  • Food/snacks for the whole day, especially if you’ve planned an active elopement day. You may not be hungry in the beginning, but eventually you will, and then those snacks will come in handy!
  • Good hiking shoes! This might be one of the most important parts! And if you want your pretty shoes showing, put them in the backpack and use them later for the photos.
  • Change of clothes. You might get wet if it rains or if you get sweat, and it’s nice to have something dry just in case. Use layers! Fleece and wool will keep you nice and warm if the day is rather cold. Remember wool socks, gloves, scarf and a beanie! Mountain hikes in Norway can be tough!
  • Wind- and waterproof jacket and pants. You never know when the weather will change.
  • Headlamps for you both and extra batteries.
  • Portable charger for your phones (fully charged, of course).
  • Map & Compass – because you never know…
  • Sunglasses & sun screen.
  • Pocket knife – just in case.
  • Plastic bags to store trash, because we are not leaving any traces.
  • First aid kit & especially blister-patches.
  • Visibility west (in case of injury, you must be visible from a distance).
  • Your wedding attire, obviously, and maybe a nice coat or scarf the bride can use to cover if it gets colder?
  • Handheld mirror, makeup, hairbrush/comb
  • Flowers, vow books, ring box and champagne to celebrate!
Bride and groom enjoying quiet moment in the boat on a lake in Alta Norway
Bride and groom drinking champagne in the boat on a lake on their wedding day
Hiking elopement in Lofoten islands

What about winter elopements in Norway?

Packing list for winter elopements is a whole other story. This will vary a lot depending on where in Norway you’re eloping, the length of your hike, the activities you’re up to and how much experience you have with wintertime adventures.

Make sure your photographer is an experienced adventurer and will guide you towards the best and safest possible adventure for you two! Read more about my elopement packages here

Are you ready to experience an adventure of a lifetime?