There are many good reasons to have a pre-wedding photo session in Norway. For example, in some cultures it is common to take bride and groom portraits in some epic spots before the wedding day. On the wedding day the couple would show their photos on a big screen to their guests. Other couples do it for the sake of an adventure they wouldn’t otherwise be able to have on the real wedding day. Or, if you postponed your wedding, but still want to have some romantic photos in the meantime. For their pre-wedding session, Karoline and Audun went to explore one of the most amazing locations in Norway – Lyngen Alps.

Lyngen Alps – a hidden gem of Northern Norway

There are many beautiful spots in Lyngen Alps, but this glacial lake is one of the most epic places. (In 2021 I committed to be a leave no trace aware photographer, therefore I don’t write the exact locations). With an easy hike of 1,5 hours each way, it makes a perfect location for a pre-wedding in Norway. The water in the lake comes from the glacier above, and the color is so blue due to mineral composition at the bottom.

Karoline and Audun live only a couple of hours away from the Lyngen Alps. Yet, it was their first time at this mesmerizing location. Peaky mountains, blue lake, glacier and midnight sun – sure, this helps to create a romantic and adventurous night for just the two.

Landscape photo of peaky snowy mountains and a river in front
Bride and groom in hiking outfits facing beautiful mountains of Lyngen Alps
Bride and groom kissing each other and getting ready for their pre-wedding in Norway  - Lyngen Alps
rocky trail on the hike to glacial lake in Lyngen Alps
Blåisvatnet i midnattssol

About the hike

As mentioned above, the hike itself was quite easy, but the trail is very rocky all the way to the lake. Good hiking shoes is therefore a must! And not only here, but for any hike in Norway. We had to cross a river on our trail, and the planks over the river weren’t very secure. So we took off the shoes and crossed the river barefoot.

We started our hike in the evening, and we were blessed with complete privacy at the lake! The same day there were crowds of tourists all over the place. But in the evening everyone left, so we got the lake for ourselves. Usually, there would be tourists who’d camp in every single nice location in Norway. However, due to rocky nature of the landscape, this lake is not the best place for a camp. But it makes it even better suited for elopements and pre-weddings, preferably in the evening or morning!

Bride getting ready on the location - putting her makeup near a blue lake in Lyngen Alps in Norway
Groom waiting for his bride facing a beautiful blue lake and stunning mountains
First look at a pre-wedding ceremony in Lyngen Alps in Norway
First look at a pre-wedding ceremony in Lyngen Alps in Norway
First look at a pre-wedding ceremony in Lyngen Alps in Norway
Bride and groom kissing on their pre-wedding ceremony in Lyngen Alps in Norway
Pre-wedding photo session in Lyngen Alps in Norway by elopement photographer TS Foto Design
Bride and groom portrait in front of a blue glacial lake and mountains in Norway
Groom helping the bride to walk on the rocks near a beautiful blue lake in Norway
Bride and groom hugging each other among beautiful mountains and lake landscape
Bride and groom sitting near a clacial lake in Lyngen Alps in Norway
Bride and groom exchanging rings among beautiful landscape of Lyngen Alps on their pre-wedding photo session
Bride and groom hugging each other among beautiful mountains and lake landscape
Blåisvatnet in Lyngen Alps in the evening time

Timeline for a summer pre-wedding in Lyngen Alps, Norway

So, what does the timeline for an adventure pre-wedding photoshoot in Norway look like? For a similar summer adventure photo session like the one in Lyngen Alps, I recommend the following:

  • 17.30 – getting ready in a lodge/airb’n’b (for example, this one or this one or somewhere else, there are more places to stay!)
  • 19.00 – drive to the location
  • 19.30 – hike in a moderate tempo from the parking lot (there is a parking fee!)
  • 21.30 – refresh before the photo session, get on your wedding attire
  • 22.00 – photo session among beautiful landscapes
  • 23.00 – grab a snack or have a small picnic
  • 23.30 – calm hike back
  • 01.00 – some additional portraits in the midnight sun in the village nearby (with mountain- and seaview)
  • 01.30 – drive back to the lodge and go to sleep

Hope you found this useful!
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"Do not build cairns" sign in front of a rocky trail in Lyngen Alps in Norway
Hiking couple looking at the mountain log-book and writing their names after they finished the hike
Groom is helping his bride to cross the river in the mountains
Beautiful midnight sun landscape in Lyngen Alps in Norway
Beautiful midnight sun landscape in Lyngen Alps in Norway
Bride and groom in the rays of midnight sun in Northern Norway