Northern Norway has a variety of amazing locations for elopements & intimate weddings outdoors. I live in Northern Norway, therefore I’ve been driving a lot, hiking a lot, and I photographed in many amazing places in every county of Northern Norway. Here are my favorite elopement locations in Northern Norway.

Intimate weddings & elopements in Lofoten islands, Nordland county

Lofoten islands is definitely one of the most beautiful parts of Northern Norway. It offers fantastic landscapes for any kind of photos, but especially elopements and small outdoor weddings.

You can hike, drive around, take a boat tour – whatever you like. And yeah, you can even surf there if you like! Fill those days around your elopement with other exciting stuff! It’s so many things to explore! And all the small fisherman villages in Lofoten islands are so charming!
Bride and groom sitting on a  mountaintop in Lofoten islands in Norway and watching a beautiful sunset - best elopement locations in Northern Norway
Anette & Andreas watching stunning sunset from a mountain top in Lofoten
Best elopement locations in Northern Norway - mountains and sea views in Lofoten islands
Elopement on a mountaintop in Lofoten islands in NOrthern Norway - amazing elopement locations
Norway elopement photographer captured a beautiful Elopement in Reine Lofoten islands Norway
Elopement in Å. See the whole story here
Amazing elopement location at Svinøya in Lofoten Norway
Svinøya outside Svolvær has to offer beautiful views to mountains and charming views to fisherman villages
a landscape of Lofoten in Norway with old houses and mountains and the sea

Elopement locations in Troms county in Norway

Although, Tromsø is the most “famous” town in Troms county, the town itself is not thee elopement destination. But the places around Tromsø are much more secluded and the nature is more untouched. There are still those stunning mountain peaks and white sandy beaches – just as pretty as in Lofoten islands. Here are a few pictures of some nice elopement locations in Troms county.

Sommarøy wedding in Tromsø - bride and groom kissing on top of Hillesøy
Best elopement locations in Northern Norway - Sommarøy Troms
Amazing fall sunset in Tromsø with beautiful golden clouds
elopement locations in Tromsø Norway
Stunning elopement locations near Tromsø Northern Norway

Senja island

Come here and instantly fall in love! Less crowded, with tons of jaw-dropping spots – I’m sure you won’t regret travelling here! If you prefer a bigger town, you can stay in Finnsnes (town nearby Senja island) or even Tromsø – it’s only 2-3 hours drive.

Couple kissing in front of amazing mountain Segla in Senja in the sunset - best places to elope in Northern Norway Troms county
Senja island has quite a few breathtaking views!
Bride and groom walking on a beautiful beach on Senja island - stunning elopement locations in Northern Norway
Tina & Stian on a beautiful island near Senja. You can see their whole wedding story here
Bride and groom just arrived by the boat to a beautiful beach in Senja Norway
Groom lifts his bride and swirls her around on a beautiful secluded beach in Senja, northern Norway - perfect location for a private intimate wedding ceremony

Lyngen Alps

Another gem of Troms county is Lyngen Alps. Explore all these high mountains & narrow valleys, alpine lakes & glaciers. There are plenty of stunning locations for elopements and intimate weddings!

First look for bride and groom in front of stunning mountains and claciers in Lyngen Alps Troms Norway - best elopement locations
Amazing elopement & intimate wedding location in Northern Norway - Troms county Lyngen alps

Elopement locations in Finnmark county in Northern Norway

Finnmark, my home. The place I hiked and drove around the most. Perhaps, Finnmark isn’t as packed with spectacular locations as Nordland and Troms counties. But still, there are many epic spots, much less tourists and better chances for wacthing Northern Lights. Can you imagine eloping under the Northern lights?

Elopement in Alta

Wintertime in Alta is probably the most exciting season for elopements & intimate weddings. You can watch Aurora Borealis, go reindeer- or dog- sledding, visit the ice hotel or get married there. The list is long, and I can help you to plan the activities of your choice!

Northern lights elopement and Aurora Borealis wedding in Norway
Beautiful couple eloping in ice-hotel Sorrisniva Alta Norway

There are possibilities for snowmobile and slalom ski/snowboarding in winter time! Snowmobile wedding on a mountaintop? Why not?

Snowmobile wedding in Alta Norway - bride and groom arrived to the mountaintop on snowmobile
Snowmobile wedding in Alta.
Groom is kissing his bride on a snow-covered mountaintop on the day of their elopement in Alta, Norway - beautiful locations for elopement in Northern Norway
Bride standing on a mountaintop watching beautiful fjords near Alta in Norway - captured by Norway elopement photographer TS Foto Design
Brudepar kjører hundeslede blant nydelig vinterlandskap i Alta

In summertime you can find some beautiful gems around Alta too, so there are lots of things to explore!

Fall elopement on a mountain top in Alta Norway captured by Norway elopement photographer TS Foto Design
Nydleig brudepar bilde hvor brudeparet sitter på en fjelltopp under regnet i Alta

Sørøya elopements & intimate weddings

Sørøya island is so beautiful and so cool! I’m absolutely in love with the nature there! It’s an island you can access by a ferry (best to do it with a car onboard) or plane, and not so many people live there. It is therefore a stunning hidden gem way up North. If you want privacy on your elopement day, Sørøya is the best!

Bride and groom celebrating their intimate wedding at Sørøya island in Norway with a stunning sunset in mountains
Adventure mountain hiking elopement in Sørøya Norway photographer TS Foto Design
Norway elopement photographer captured a beautiful couple that just eloped in Northern Norway in Sørøya
Jaw-dropping view from cliffs of Sørøya in Norway to a secluded beach with tourquise water - best elopement locations in Norway
Amazing secluded spot for elopement in Norway
Bride and groom kissing on a secluded beach in Sørøya in Norway on a foggy night
Adventurous bride and groom running on a white beach on a foggy night in Sørøya Norway by elopement photographer TS Foto Design
Bride and groom just eloped and discovered some reindeers in Sørøya Norway - elopement locations in Nprway

So, are you convinced that Northern Norway is one of the best places on Earth for your elopement? If yes, contact me and I’ll guide you through the whole process! We’ll go into detailed locations planning, we’ll set up a nice timeline for your day filled with adventures & I’ll help you to find other vendors for your elopement or intimate wedding!