Lofoten is among top 5 most requested places for an adventure elopement in Norway. So, let’s dive into the details on how to plan an elopement there!

How do we get to Lofoten?

Lofoten is a beautiful archipelago located in Nordland county in Northern Norway. Scenery in Lofoten is completely amazing! Therefore it suits perfectly for adventure elopements.

Depending on where you come from, the easiest way to get to Lofoten will most likely be by plane. You can fly either to Leknes or Svolvær, with a stopover in Tromsø or Bodø. Otherwise, you can rent a car and have a cool roadtrip in Norway. Or combine plane and rental car and experience both! By the way, Tromsø is another nice destination in Northern Norway, therefore it might be worth spending a couple of days there.

Where to stay?

Of course, it will depend on what you two want to do during your stay, as well as what kind of standard of living you prefer. There are plenty of cabins and rental houses on airbnb, but also lodges and hotels (see some examples here). Sure, you’re free to do the research on your own. But you can always get some help from your photographer (for example, besides the photography, my services also include elopement guidance).

Stunning view from a mountain top in Lofoten
Bride and groom walking in the mountains during beautiful sunset
Bride and groom sitting on a mountaintop enjoying the sunset in Lofoten
Brudepar bilde på en fjelltopp i Lofoten - fjellbryllup
Brudepar kysser hverandre på en fjelltopp i Lofoten med en nydelig solnedgang i bakgrunn

Legally binding wedding or a symbolic ceremony?

A symbolic ceremony gives you a ton of flexibility for your adventure elopement in Lofoten! You can choose the date and time that suit you two, the location you’re in love with (as long as it’s not a private property), and you don’t need witnesses. Basically, you can read your vows to each other nearly anywhere you want.

However, if you really want to have an official wedding ceremony, it is absolutely possible. But remember that some limitations may apply. Lofoten consists of 6 municipalities: Vestvågøy, Vågan, Flakstad, Moksnes, Værøy & Røst. Depending on your elopement ceremony location, you should contact one of the municipalities, and check the rules that apply for this municipality.

Bride and groom on a mountaintop in Lofoten on the day of their elopement
Bride and groom kissing each other with a stunning mountain view in Lofoten on the day of their adventure elopement
Bridal couple walking in the mountaings of Lofoten and exploring amazing places
Lofoten elopement photographer captured stunning bride and groom portrait on their adventure elopement day
Bride and groom reading their vows on the mountains of Lofoten on their adventure elopement day

According to their websites, they mostly perform wedding ceremonies in the City Halls on specific days and time slots. However, if you’re early out with your application, they would usually be able to perform an outdoor wedding ceremony. Note: you will need 2 witnesses! Quick advice: use your vendors for that! The photographer is there already. Perhaps, she may be one of the witnesses? And maybe the hairdresser can be another one? Here is the list of neccessary documents in order to get legally married in Norway (if neither of you are residents of Norway).

If you struggle to find the right information in english, check if your elopement photographer or planner can help you with that. (I’m always happy to help my couples with the research and find the best solutions tailored for them!)

Bride and groom enjoying stunning views from a summit in Lofoten on their intimate wedding day
Bride and groom enjoying stunning views from a summit in Lofoten on their adventure elopement day
Bride and groom getting married on a mountaintop in Lofoten, Norway - adventure elopement in Lofoten
Bride and groom hugging and enjoying their elopement day in Lofoten
Bridal couple wandering in the mountains of Lofoten

How to find other vendors for your adventure elopement in Lofoten?

Well, a lot of information out there is only in norwegian, and it sucks! But, don’t panic! Again, if I’m your elopement photographer & guide, I’ll provide you a list of vendors available at your location. And, sure, you can hire a wedding planner who will do all the work for you. But honestly, it is a lot of fun planning your own elopement day!

The third option is to do your own research or even DIY. Of course, you can do your own hair styling and makeup for your elopement day. For example, pinterest is an amazing resource for DIY inspiration, as well as tutorials on youtube. Otherwise, you can search for the vendors on google or instagram and check if they are available on the day of your elopement.

Amazing mountain views and the sunset from a summit in Lofoten, Norway
Lofoten elopement photographer captured a beautiful moment where bride and groom having fun on their adventure elopement day in Lofoten
Beautiful adventure elopement in Lofoten islands, Norway
Mountain wedding in Lofoten islands, Norway
Adventure elopement wedding day in Lofoten - Norway elopement photographer captured a stunning bridal portrait in the sunset

Checklist for your adventure elopement in Lofoten

  • First of all, decide on your elopement date (or at least the season/month/week when you want to get married)
  • Think whether you want to have an official wedding ceremony or a symbolic ceremony, and start collecting all the papers you’ll need for that. Even if you get officially married outside of Norway, you’ll still need to sort it out. Therefore it’s best to start early
  • Contact (and book) the elopement photographer and/or planner (if you need one). Preferably, the one located in Norway, who has local knowledge and can help you to solve the problems that might occur meanwhile planning
  • Search for and buy/order your wedding attire. Remember that some wedding gown designers have a few months delivery time (plus, maybe you’ll need some alterations after that). Another thing to remember: if your adventure elopement day will be filled with different activities, go for a dress you can easily move/hike in
  • Book your flights & rental car and start planning the activities on your elopement day as well as the other days of your amazing stay in Lofoten
  • Book your airbnb/cabin/lodge or hotel
  • If you go for an official wedding ceremony: once your paperwork is done, contact the municipality where the ceremony will be held and book the celebrant for your elopement day
  • Find and book other vendors for your elopement day: florist, hairdresser & makeup artist as well as the restaurant for your dinner
  • If you’re including other activities in your elopement day, remember to book the specific vendors for that. That might be kayak, surfing, boat tours – whaterver your heart desires! Also, if you’re up to Northern lights chasing, you can do it together with your photographer or hire a guide
Bridal couple walking in the mountains of Lofoten on their adventure elopement day
Amazing sunset portrait of the bride and groom in Lofoten islands on the day of their adventure elopement
Eloping couple in Lofoten islands in Norway kissing each other on the summit with backpacks and bridal bouquet attached on the day of their adventure elopement

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